Some folk songs date back to years old. Now it can be saved for generations to come. Some of the songs Sneha has worked on are: After that I started collecting all the songs from everyone including friends, relatives and even radio. But a few people understand that there is treasure in it.

mtv sound trippin juju leh

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Did anyone invite you to train individual students? Your people will pull you through when you lose your footing. After that I started collecting all the songs from sounnd including friends, relatives and even radio.

MTV Sound Trippin Leh (EP 11)

While most of us can only hear the noise in these sounds, Sneha can souund the music! When did you first start writing and singing songs and what prompted you to do so?

Or was it more like choosing from what you’ve sung earlier?

After a successful start, she became a full fledged music director. And every episode will showcase one hitherto unknown side of quirky India, discovered through its stunning visuals and authentic sound.

Which are the famous songs which ,eh sung by many?

Do you have any advice for aspirant folk singers or songwriters who may feel disillusioned or discouraged at times? Every episode will be Sneha’s dogged pursuit of authentic sound. I am so happy that they realise the importance of the folksong and folk music.


In Conversation With Reach Ladakh

The irony is that the people from western countries realise the importance and take the recording from Ladakh but Ladakhi people are not aware of how precious it is. How many types of folk songs are there in Ladakh? Of all your songs that have been remade, do you have a favourite or is that like asking which one of your children is your favourite?

But unfortunately, at that time there was no recorder and all this goes in vain. But these are mostly sung by people and most of the songs are used on auspicious occasions. Well, I’m afraid I’ve seen many decades go by since then and I find it very strange; there is no facility to preserve the folksongs. The journey from sound to song! In Conversation With Reach Ladakh.

Starting with animation and moving on to art direction Sneha realized one day that music was her true calling and she set foot to pursue her passion from that day onwards. With this show she demonstrates how the simple pleasures of life are free and often just a sound away. Yes, the recent record with Culture Academy is a great initiative.


If it continues, sadly, in time, the folksong will suffer. And once she found it, she proceeded to give it her inimitable, contemporary stamp. You can find the whole history in it. You can think yourself how important it is.

Sound Trippin S01

Please leave your comments Input text you see on right: I thought it is the best way to preserve the old age folksongs. I have recorded trjppin songs, producing folksongs over the past 70 years.

mtv sound trippin juju leh

Did you write new songs specifically for the record that you recorded with Culture Academy? And now I am old enough and my likes automatically shifted towards more meaningful songs. Chrome Firefox Safari Internet Explorer.

mtv sound trippin juju leh

The sound of local trains in Mumbai or the tractors in Punjab, are an authentic slice of life as it exists there. It will take many years to regain its glory.